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Labradoodles are one of the breeds recognized as being allergy friendly dogs. There are several different hair types and different “generations” of labradoodles, so it is important to work with a breeder who understands these variances so as to have the best possible chance of being matched up with the labradoodle that best fits your needs.


Labradoodles are a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle. These dogs are arguably the seventh and second smartest dogs in the world respectively. The Labradoodle breed was first created to fill the need for a better service dog, and has continued to be used for this purpose even today.


While labradoodles can naturally be a healthier breed than some dogs, even they are not exempt from the possibility of some diseases. That is why at Lovely Little Labradoodles we genetically test all of our dogs to assure they are free from common diseases. We also go a step farther and offer a two-year health guarantee on all of our puppies.


Labradoodles are friendly, devoted, playful and all-around good-natured pets that get along well with both people of all ages and other animals. But just like any dog the key is proper socialization. Lovely Little Labradoodles starts that process early, introducing our puppies to a variety of people and experiences to assist in providing our fur baby families with well-adjusted puppies.

Activity Levels

Labradoodles are generally moderate energy dogs as adults. Because of this they make good pets for both families and individuals. Their energy level also makes them ideal for people who live in apartments as long as time is allotted for regular exercise.  


Labradoodles have various grooming needs depending on coat type, Lovely Little Labradoodles is here to help every family pick the right puppy for their lifestyle.

Why Labradoodles

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