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Keeping Your Pet Safe in Your

This page is designed only as a basic introduction to generally accepted common householdrisks to dogs. The authors acknowledge they are not veterinarians and the information on this page is not meant to be a substitute for professional veterinarian guidance. Furthermore the information on this page is not inclusive of all possible risks/toxins your pet could encounter throughout their life. Consult your vet or the Pet Poison Hotline (see bottom of page for info) for any possible health concerns in your pet. 

Common Indoor Concerns:

Some common toxins in the house may be obvious to fur parents, such as household cleaners. These products are better kept in cabinets above the level of what a dog can reach on their hind legs, or if they must be put down low baby safety locks are recommened. It only takes a quick trip to another room for a puppy to find a toxic chew toy. Puppies are much like human babies in their curiosity to discover their world. And you will soon find yourself wondering if that sweet little fur ball you adopted is more closely related to Lassie or Houdini. 

So you have put up all the chemical products in your home. Now what? As ominous as it may sound your home is lurking full of possible hazards for your new puppy. That used soda can on your coffee table can pose a hazard for mouth cuts or stomach lacerations and that couch pillow may be fun to tear up and scatter around the living room like snow, it can also quickly turn into an impaction in your dogs gut resulting in thousands of dollars in emergency vet fees and costly surgeries. While it may be impossible to fully doggy proof your house from Rover's Risky Room Rampage there are more easy solutions than turning your home into Fort Knox. This is why Lovely Little Labradoodles recommends crate training for all new puppies. This method not only helps solidify proper potty training techniques, but it also keeps your pet safe when not supervised. For more information on tips and techniques for this visit our Crate Training Page. 

Pet Poison Hotline:


Please note there is a $65 fee for utilizing the Pet Poison Hotline. Lovely Little Labradoodles is not affiliated with this organization, and provides this information for informational purposes only, not as an endorsement. Lovely Little Labradoodles is held harmless for any results of utilizing this service. Consult your vet regarding any necessary actions if your concerned your pet has been poisoned.   

Common Outdoor Concerns:

As a dilignet pet parent you have taken the neccesary measure to protect your pet from the physical harms within your home. But have you considered the harm that could be caused from seemingly innocuous things such as the food we eat? Sharing snacks with your furry pet is an appealing thought, but just know the facts about what is safe and what isn't first. 

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