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Understanding Spaying & Neutering

As a fur parent you worry about the health and wellbeing of your fur baby. When it comes to neutering or spaying fur parents are probably worrying about things like how loopy their baby may be after surgery, or how to help them recover. And while these are legitimate questions, in recent years even more pressing questions have surfaced. The long held tradition of undergoing these procedures early in life has now been brought into question. Here at Lovely Little Labradoodles we put the health and safety of our puppies first. And while our puppy pet contracts do require a puppy be spayed/neutered to prevent unwanted pregnancies, we make sure to give parents ample time to undergo this surgery, so the health and wellbeing of your baby is not compromised. For those interested in research on why it is best to wait to neuter/spay we have posted some information on this page to help get the word out about these findings. 

AKC Canine Health Foundation:


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