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Are You Ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime?

When that exciting day comes that your new furry friend joins your family it's important to be prepared for the start of this new adventure by having all the basic supplies necessary to make Fido feel at home.

But for many this can be confusing trying to select from the multitude of products offered. 

You may spend weeks prepping your baby's welcome home basket, but even for the most dedicated of fur parents it can still be easy to forget that one vital item, or grab something in the wrong size.

That is why for an additional cost we can have a puppy kit ready and waiting for you to take home when you pick up your puppy.

Puppy Starter Kits


Each Puppy Kit is included in the price of your puppy and comes with the following items:


 * Your choice of blue or pink dog crate *
* Starter bag of dog food *
* Food Bowl *
* Water Bowl *
* Travel Water Bowl *
* Grooming Glove *
* Three different toys *

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