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Welcome to the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee and the home of Lovely Little Labradoodles! Our story starts back in the year 2006 with the bond between one girl and her soon to be forever friend – one scraggly little labradoodle puppy.

In 2006 my passion for dogs led me to obtain a job at a fancy boutique family owned pet store and grooming facility. It was here that a little 8-week-old F1 Labradoodle puppy would arrive and change my world forever. I had been working at this location for about 6 months at the time, and while many a cute puppies came thru the store, this little puppy was different.


As anyone who has ever had a labradoodle knows, they stand out in their own unique way. Labradoodles are smart, loyal, and sweet- just to name a few of their many positive attributes. They adapt well to training, get along with almost any other dog or group/age of people, and are just generally all-around pleasant and loving pets. This breed was first created as a generally hypoallergenic service dog, and they have the best attributes of both breeds. Many Labradoodle lovers remember the first moment they ever met a labradoodle in person, because they are so hard to forget - and for me this could not be more true.

This little labradoodle - whom I would name Nismo - stood out from the other puppies at the store.. Since he was an F1 Labradoodle (half Lab/half Poodle) he didn't have that traditional fuzzy teddy bear look most people imagine a puppy to be. But while all the other puppies around him easily got very excited, jumping and bouncing about wildly, Nismo's heart of gold is really what made him stand out. He could be found sleeping through all the commotion like a sweet little angel- and when you picked him up he would let you hold him in your arms and rock him like a baby - just completely trusting. It wasn’t long before the little tyke had a new forever home with me. Now almost 14 years later I am happy to say he is still by my side to this day. We have moved together across different states, from apartments to homes, and many a different roommates along the way. But he has always been my one constant- always by my side through thick and thin. I can't imagine life without him, and I am proud to be a part of helping others find this same love and life-long companionship with a Labradoodle of their own.


Our spoiled babies all live in our home with us, and are our pets first and foremost. They receive lots of love, and socialization and keep us on our toes!!!

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