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Our Available Dogs:

Red AKC Poodle Males

Red Mini Poodles

These AKC Miniature Poodle boys are our last two dogs left before we retire from breeding. It has been an exciting decade with many rewarding moments and happy stores. It is a bittersweet reality that we now announce our retirment and are placing our last two boys, our star studs with their forever homes..


Red AKC Male, DOB April 2021

Chester is a red AKC miniature poodle with the perfect temperament to be a family’s pet, but is also an exceptional proven stud that would enhance a breeder’s program. He is 25 pounds and 18” tall. He is genetically health tested with Embark and is clear, including not carrying any copies of the IVDD gene. He was born April 2021 and is a proven stud with multiple females of varying sizes, and he is a very enthusiastic stud. He is familiar with being in a home with dogs that vary from large to small, including living in the same home as other intact males and gets along great with all of them. He is comfortable with both adults and kids, including toddlers. He adapts easily to different dynamics and is always upbeat and happy whether he is cuddling in your lap or playing. I have added two photos at the end of his slide show of his parents. A white female and a red male.

Red AKC Male, DOB November 2022

Blaze is a 12 pound 15” miniature red AKC poodle. He is fifth generation red on his father’s side and both of his parents are reds. He turned one year old this last November and is still deep red. Both of his parents are genetically health tested and clear. He has a fun loving happy personality and gets along great with people of all ages, including children as young as toddlers. He is used to being around other small dogs as well as dogs much bigger than him too. We own 60 pound dogs he happily plays with. He even plays well with our other intact male, Chester. While he is not yet proven as a stud I believe he would make a phenomenal addition to a breeding program, or an amazing pet for any individual or family looking for a sweet boy. I have added pictures of his parents at the end of his slide show.

Below are furbabies who have already found their forever homes. These puppies are half siblings to Blaze and sired by Chester and are examples of their bloodlines. 


This little boy is a great all around balanced personality puppy. He is one of the outgoing ones.He has an independent streak and is a little spitfire, but in the best of ways. He is not afraid to be out in the mix of things enjoying life wherever his new family might want to take him. He responds well to both play time and chill time and is 100% happy to just sit on your lap and be held as he is a very sweet and caring puppy.


Honey is named for both her beautiful honey color and her endearing personality. She is a calm little girl - truly she has become the calmest one of her litter. She adores cuddling and has a very loving personality like a little baby doll. She has also been the tiniest of her litter as well.


Cherry is a very sweet little girl with a large personality. She is outgoing and very playful. She is the most bold of all the puppies, always at the front of everything and curious as can be. While she is the littlest puppy of the litter she is full of love. She will spend all day cuddling and playing.


Nugget is a joyful puppy who is outgoing and goofy. He is a fun puppy who also enjoys being loved on.



This baby boy is a gorgeous apricot with several white spots including a blaze on his face, white chest and some white on his feet with a tiny white tipped tail. Peanut is silly and fun loving and enjoys experiencing life. He has a mild/calm personality but is still curious about the world around him.


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