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CKC Registered Standard Poodle Mia Luna

Mia Luna is a very social, sweet mannered dog and a wonderful mama! She has historically had puppies with amazing personalities and a wide variety of hair types. She is a spoiled baby who loves the advantages of indoor living even though she adores her outdoor adventures. She weighs just under 50 pounds, has been genetically tested and cleared of diseases and is a healthy happy girl who gets along wonderfully with other dogs and people equally.

CKC Registered F1B Labradoodle Rose Petal

"Rosie" as we call her for short is a medium labradoodle at only 45 pounds. She is 3/4 poodle and 1/4 lab. While she herself has the flat or hair coattype, making her maintenance much easier than the average labradoodle - she genetically carries the curly gene. Paired with a curly gene male Rosie will have a plethora of beautiful puppies- mostly curly or wavy with the occasional flat coated puppy for those whol love low maintenance. She has had one litter so far and has proven to be a fabulous mother. She has a very happy-go-lucky attitude, and is fiercely loyal to her family. She prides herself on being very alert and constantly observes her surroundings. Her poodle intelligence is very apparent as she loves complex mental games.

AKC Registered Standard Poodle April Amberleigh


"Amber" as we call her for short is a stunningly gorgeous Poodle who is full of life. She always has a positive attitude and greets life with great enthusiasm. She adores as much attention as she can get and loves taking trips outside to explore her world. 

CKC Registered Labradoodle Sire Nismo


Nismo is a mostly straight haired F1 Labradoodle (half poodle half Labrador Retriever). This straighter hair type is returning in popularity due to its requirement of little to no maintenance - though Nismo's beautiful babies have historically provided a look for all tastes from straight to curly. He is currently almost 14 years old and still going strong- he is genetically tested and cleared of any health problems and is in AMAZING condition for his age. Nismo has been in our family since he was 8 weeks old! He has always been phenomenal around every dog or people of any age that he meets. He loves life and his favorite pastime is sitting on the coach relaxing with his family. While he is retired- he will always have his home with us.

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