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"Christina was wonderful to work with. She was very patient with all of our questions and gave us everything we needed to make our decision. The meet and greet with the puppies allowed us to see how they had been cared for since birth and we were impressed. Our dog has been wonderful from day one. He is sweet, obedient, calm, and great with our five kids. He also doesn't shed at all which was very important to us. Once he blew his puppy coat the shedding was done. As an added bonus, he is a very handsome doodle with a beautiful cream coat. We would absolutely work with Christina again and recommend the same to others."

Leo E. and Biscuit

"The first thing that drew me to Sam was His eyes! They make Sam one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen. Judging by all the people that stop him on our walks, others feel the same way! Sam is incredibly smart and learned all of the basics very quickly. My favorite thing about Sam is his personality! He is so loving and happy and easy-going, he even loves going to the vets! Plus his health is GREAT. No problems of any kind. He is the absolute best companion!"

Corbette D. and Sam

"Clover has been a blessing to me. She is sooo funny and training was easy for me. Plus people are always stopping and commenting on her beautiful curly hair. She is my big girl!!!"

Richard L. and Clover

"It is hard to describe Tilley in a few words but Tilley is so full of personality. Loves to play but also loves to relax in her spot on the couch which she has claimed as her own. Training and learning came natural for her. She never meets a stranger and couldn't be smarter. She even loves going to the vet! Such a sweet little dog"

Garrett K. and Tilley

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